Paint Your Own Pottery

Find the Piece that You Love!

Painting pottery is a fun activity for all ages and abilities.  

We have hundreds of items to choose from. We offer functional dinnerware, figurines, home decor and more. We are sure to have something you will love. All pieces meant for food will be food safe and usable.


 We will help you get started with some simple tips for success and then you can go ahead and paint the day away!  

Don’t worry, we have lots of colors, tools and ideas to help inspire if you would like a little help.


 After you have created your masterpiece, you leave it with us and we will dip it in a clear glaze and fire it in our kilns.

Your piece will be ready for pick up after 3 p.m. one week after you paint it. 


Our pricing is all inclusive!

Our prices are based on the individual piece that each painter chooses. That price includes all time, paint, materials,tools, glazing and firing. The only thing you have to add is the sales tax.

Prices range from $8 – $120, but most painters choose items that are in the $14 – $24 range.

Other Things You Should Know:

  1. Stop by anytime, no appointments are necessary.
  2. Our non-toxic glazes are food safe and come in over 80 colors.
  3. The paints wash out of your clothes!
  4. We highly recommend hand washing your pieces in order to preserve their longevity.
  5. Pieces are ready to be picked up after 3 p.m. one week after you paint it! We do not call or email to let yo know they are ready.
  6. Due to limited storage space, we are unable to hold pieces longer than 60 days. The 60 day countdown begins when your piece is ready for pick-up. After 60 days, we will make an attempt to remind you that we have your work. This email will have a final pick-up date, if you need longer, please call and arrange an extension of our hold time. 
  7. Please check out our FAQ’s for more information.