Pottery Wheel Classes

Adult 6 Week Pottery Wheel Class

Description: Students will learn the basics (and beyond) of throwing on the pottery wheel.  We will cover everything from clay preparation and proper body positioning; to centering, pulling walls, shaping and trimming. With small class sizes, we are able to meet each student at their level.

For Whom: Teens (15+) and Adults, (recommended for beginner & intermediate level, for advanced level, check out our memberships.)

When: Scheduled throughout the year. 

Class Size: 4 – 8 Students (depending on the instructor)

Cost: $210 for Six (6) 2.5 hour classes.

Included in the class fee:

  • Up to 25 lbs. of earthenware clay for beginners or stoneware for intermediate students. 
  • Use of studio tools and equipment.
  • $100 credit for firing (this is about the equivelant of 12-15 pieces for a beginner), with 25% off studio firing fees.
  • Dedicated storage space for the duration of the class.
  • Unlimited practice time during studio’s open hours.
  • 35% off additional clay.
  • For intermediate students, special instruction on mid-range glazing.

Dress casually and anticipate getting messy. The clay we use washes out of clothing. All tools and supplies needed to throw your pottery are supplied, however, we do not provide towels. Please bring a towel with you.

Class comes with unlimited practice time during our open hours. The wheels are available as long as we do not have the wheels booked for another activity.

We will fire some of the pottery pieces during the class session and then again after the last class. We do not focus on painting the pieces, but students are welcome to come in to the studio to paint their fired bisque-ware anytime during our open studio hours. Painted pieces will be ready for pick up one week after they are painted. 

Intermediate Students will get instruction on glazing stoneware if they are using it. Mid-range kiln runs are done intermittenly and can take up to one month to get back after they have been glazed. 

Class deposit can be refunded in the form of a gift certificate with a minimum of seven days notice. Class deposit is forfeited with less than seven days notice unless a student is found to take the seat, at which point we will issue a gift certificate for the deposit amount. We do require a minimum of 4 students to run a class. If we cancel the class, we will issue a full refund of the deposit.

Our firing fees are calculated based on the size of your piece when it comes out of the bisque firing. We measure the longest 2 dimentions and add them together to calculate firing size. (We do not include handles in the calculations). The sample firing fees below shows the membership firing pricing with a 25% discount compared to a walk-in studio user. For example if your mug has a diameter of 3″ at its widest point, and is 4″ tall at its tallest point, then this is a 7″ mug. The largest majority of pieces thrown are between 6″ and 9.5″. We have a minimum firing fee of $3.75 for any piece up to 6″ and a comprehensive chart in the studio for pieces up to 25″ Example firing fees: