Walk-in Activities: In-Studio (no reservations required)
We will take reservations for parties of 6 or more, but can only hold any table for 15 minutes.
We do offer call ahead seating for parties of any size within one hour of arrival.

Paint Your Own Pottery (PYOP)

1. Choose Your Piece

Painting pottery is a fun activity for all ages and abilities.
We have hundreds of pieces to choose from. We offer functional dinnerware, figurines, home d├ęcor, seasonal pieces and more.

2. Paint

We will help you get started with some simple tips for success and then you can go ahead and paint the day away! 
We have lots of colors and tools to help you get the look you would like. Just ask!

3. Leave Your Work with Us

Leave your masterpiece with us and we will clear dip it and kiln fire it so that it is shiny and bright and ready to go home. If your piece is intended to hold food, it will come out of the kiln ready food safe and ready to use. (Wash it first please, lol)

4. Pickup Your Masterpiece

Your work will be ready for pick up after three pm one week after you paint it.
Take it home and enjoy!

PYOP Pricing:

Our pricing is all inclusive! This means that it includes all the time, paint, materials, tools, glazing and firing you need to complete your project. The only thing you have to add to the price of the piece is the sales tax. Check out what we have in stock HERE.

Other Things You Should Know about PYOP:

  • Stop by anytime, no appointment necessary.
  • Our non-toxic glazes are food safe and come in over 80 colors.
  • Pieces are ready to be picked up after 3 p.m. one week after you paint it! We do not notify you they are ready.
  • The paints wash out of your clothes!
  • We highly recommend hand washing your piece to preserve it's longevity.
  • Do to limited storage space, we are unable to hold pieces longer than 60 days. The 60 day countdown begins when your piece is ready to pick-up. After 60 days, we will make an attempt to remind you that we have your work. If you need longer, please reach out and arrange an extension of the hold time.
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Hand-Building with Clay

1. Claying Around?

Our staff is here to guide you, but clay is a science and we recommend hand-building for independent artists age 10 and up. For younger artists we suggest an adult/child team.
Hand-building takes 3 visits:
1. To create
2. To paint
3. To pick up.

2. What Will You Create?

Walk-ins Welcome: No Appointment Needed.
From pinch and coil pots, slab bowls and Clayful-Critters, you can let your imagination lead the way. 

3. The Process

After you finish, leave it to us. We will let your piece dry and then fire it into bisque (hard ceramics). In 2-3 weeks we will call you to come and paint your piece.

4. Take Them Home

Your painted pieces will be ready for pick up after 3 p.m. one week after you paint them, ready to be cherished for years to come.

Hand-Building Pricing:

Hand-Building starts with a $10 set-up fee. You can use all the clay you would like, but there are additional firing fees based on the size of the finished piece that you would like to fire. We have a minimum firing fee of $5 and a minimum size requirement of 1 x 1 inch. Sizing is based on the height and width of the piece added together. 

Other Things You Should Know:

  • Hand-Building can be a little messy, but clay washes out of clothes.
  • Pieces are ready to be painted in 2-3 weeks! We will text you to let you know that the pieces are ready to be painted. We will hold the pieces for 60 days from the time that you are notified they are ready.
  • Once painted, the pieces will be ready in one week! We highly recommend hand washing your food bearing pieces in order to preserve their longevity.
  • Do to limited storage space, we are unable to hold unpainted or painted pieces longer than 60 days. 
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1. Choose Your Base & Colors

Choose your base and decide what your pattern or color scheme will be. 

2. Plain, Resin, or Grout?

Decide how you would like to finish your piece, do you want it to be grouted or resined, or would you like to leave the tiles as they are? This will determine what parts of the base are painted before applying the tiles.

3. Design and Create

Going for a specific image or shape? You can pre-draw it, and our staff is happy to help. Then you can cut (if necessary), arrange and glue the tiles onto the base in the pattern you chose. 

4. Finishing Touches

After all the tiles are glued on, it is time for the finishing touches. You can leave it with us to resin or grout for an additional $5. If you would like to grout it yourself, it's free and you can take it home the same day.

Mosaic Pricing:

Mosaic prices are determined by the base that you choose. These prices include the base, paint, glue, tiles, take home grout and use of all the tools needed to finish your project.  The bases currently range in cost from $16 - $24. 
You can take home your grout and finish the mosaic at home after the tile adhesive has dried, or you can choose to leave the mosaic with us to be grouted or for resin. There is an additional $5 fee for us to finish the piece.

Other Things You Should Know:

  • Mosaics are fun, non-toxic, appeal to boys and girls and can be as simple or as complicated as you would like to make them.
  • We offer a wide range of mosaic tile colors. 
  • There are three ways to finish your project. You can paint the background and leave it as is with the tiles glued on, you can grout the tiles and for this we recommend painting the edges of the pieces, or you can have resin poured over the piece. See pricing*
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1. Select Your Mold

what size and shape do you want your candle to be? We have candles that burn from 12 - 60 hour! 

2. Fill Your Mold

Use our pre-made colored wax chunks to fill your chosen mold. Then chose your scent. We have over 30 to choose from, including seasonal, warm and homey, floral and fruity too.

3. Bind It All Together

When you are finished with your color design, we pour hot wax mixed with the essential oils to get your scent over the color chunks to bind them all together with the scent throughout the whole candle. After pouring, we let it cool in a water bath to solidify.

4. Unmold, Add a Wick, and Enjoy

After the candle has set up in the mold, you can unmold the candle and add a wick. Your candle is now ready to grace your space.

Candles Pricing:

Candles start at $14 for our 12-14 ounce pillar molds, $20 for our 24-26 ounce pillar molds, $24 for the 36 ounce pillar and $40 for our 5 pound, 3-wick candle. The price includes everything needed to create a stand-alone candle. Occasionally we have different containers and options available.

Other Things You Should Know:

  • Candles can be pretty quick, or you can take a lot of time to carefully arrange the colors that will be seen on the outside of the candle. We suggest planning a half hour to 1.5 hours depending on your level of care.
  • The time it takes for the wax to set-up in the mold varies depending on the size of the candle and quantity of wax. Our smallest candles only need 10 - 15 minutes before they are ready to be unmolded. The largest candle could take up to 40 minutes.
  • Our pillar molds should burn approximately 1 hour for every ounce of wax. 
  • Candles should always have the wick trimmed to around 1/4 of an inch and should not be left unattended or near a curtain.
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