Holiday Trees!

Vintage Tree Painting Party

These Vintage Holiday Trees come in all shapes and sizes. These trees are the talk of the town and become the heirloom everyone wants.  They create nostalgia for holidays past and inspire traditions for generations to come.

Join us for a Tree Painting Party. We will have holiday music, yummy snacks and will highlight some of the great techniques you can use to make your tree amazing. 

Friday, November 16th 6:00- 9:00 pm  or  

Sunday, November 25th, 3:00 – 6:00 pm    

Click here to reserve your tree

How it works: We are offering a 15% discount on reserved trees that have been purchased through our website and are painted at the Tree Painting Party for the date you choose. The prices listed are the discounted price. 

All trees come with the light kit and the plastic bulbs to complete the tree. We recommend gluing the bulbs in with E6000 from your local retailer.

Painters come on the day of their reservation and we will have the pre-ordered tree ready to go. Other painters are welcome if you would like to bring friends. We will have lots of great items to choose from to paint. Discounts will not apply for walk-ins. 

Meet Ed

Ed has been pouring ceramics for a very long time, and still uses some of the molds from the 1970’s when your grandmother and mother were making ceramics. Several of the Christmas Trees that we offer were poured by Ed and we don’t think it can get more vintage than that!

(BTW, Ed celebrated his 91st birthday this year. He is one remarkable guy, and we love him!)


Photo on right is Ed’s home studio where he pours the ceramics.