Hand Build with Clay

Let Your Imagination Decide

Walk-ins Welcome: No Appointments Needed.

From pinch and coil bowls to slab bowls and clayful critters, you can let your imagination lead the way. Our staff will be here to guide you with tips for success and creative ideas.

Note: Hand building is a little bit of a science experiment because  lot of things happen to the clay during firing. Because of this, we recommend hand building for independent artists ages 10 and up, or for adult/child teams for younger artists.


How it Works

You build the clay piece, then leave it with us. We will let it dry thoroughly and then fire it into a ceramic bisque piece.  

In 2-3 weeks, we will call you to come in and paint your fired piece. After it is painted, we will fire it again. If you have made something that will hold food, it will be food safe and washable after the second firing.

Your painted piece will be ready for pick up after 3 p.m. one week after you paint it. 


$10 for studio time and use of Hand-Building kit. Firing fees are additional, based on the size of each individual piece created. (See chart below)

Other Things You Should Know:

  1. Hand-Building can be messy, but the clay washes out of clothes. 
  2. Pieces are ready to be painted in 2-3 weeks! We will call you to let you know that the pieces are ready to be painted. We will hold the pieces for 60 days from the time that you are notified they are ready.
  3. Once painted, the pieces will be ready in one week! We highly recommend hand washing your food bearing pieces in order to preserve their longevity.
  4. Do to limited storage space, we are unable to hold unpainted or painted pieces longer than 60 days. The 60 day countdown begins when your piece is ready for painting and then restarted again when it has been painted and refired. Pieces left after the 60 days will be considered abandoned.

Firing Fees:

Firing fees are calculated by adding height and the longest width. Each piece is calculated individually and is in addition to the clay building studio fee. The studio minimum firing fee is $5 and minimum size for us to handle is 1×1 inches. Firing Fees included bisque firing, glaze and glaze firing.


HB firing fees

9″ L + 7″ H = 16″ = $18.40 + $10 studio fee = $28.40 + tax.