Paint at Home

How to Order Projects for Home

1Look through the pieces listed by category below. Add the pieces that you would like to paint to your cart. Our online store is live and corresponds with our stock available in studio.

2Choose the Colors and quantities that you would like and add them to your cart. (Why are we charging a deposit for color when we are all inclusive you ask... click the "Color Deposit Info"  link to learn more. )

Color Deposit Info

3Add brushes to your cart. If you would like complimentary brushes, please add them to your cart as well, otherwise we will assume you have brushes at home.

4During check out, please be sure to leave us your cell phone number so that we can text you when your order is ready. We will hold orders for 72 hours at which time we will restock and issue a studio credit minus a 20% restocking fee.

So... here is the deal with the deposit for the take home projects:

*We price our pieces to account for the amount of paint needed to paint each piece. Our average piece needs 1-3 ounces of paint. If you would like to use a lot of colors, then we will send home significantly more paint than you will need for the piece. The deposit covers the cost of this extra paint and the containers if they are not returned. 

*We are still including the paint needed for any piece in the price. When you return your unused paint, we will fully refund the paint deposit in the form of a studio credit.