Clay Sculpting Party

coil bowl
Hand Building in Clay
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Kid's Clay Sculpting Party

How it works:  A step by step party that lets creativity shine. From a lump of clay, everyone puts their own spin on the creative process. All materials are non-toxic. Pottery can be messy. We will fire the pieces twice and then they are individually wrapped and ready for pick up in 2-3 weeks.

Creative Options: Clay Critters or Coil Pots

Duration:  2 hours; the first hour is used to create the sculpture, then there is a half hour for food and celebration while the items set up, the last half hour is used to paint the sculptures.

Pricing: $18/participant.  


Adult Clay Sculpting Workshop

How it works: A guided class that offers everyone the opportunity to create something from a lump of clay. An instructor will be available to walk through the process step by step. This party gives everyone the opportunity to exercise their imagination and creativity.

Creative Options: Wind Chimes, Plates and Platters,  Animal Sculptures, Wall Pockets, Whistles, Bowls, Coil Pots and more.

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours, depending on the time slot chosen. The first portion of the event is the instruction, then the pieces will need a little time to firm up so that they can be painted.  After a short drying period, the pieces can be painted.  If there is not enough time, the pieces can be fired once and then painted at a later date for no extra fee. If they are painted that day, they will need to be fired twice and will be ready for  pick up in 2-3 weeks.

Pricing: Creations range between $18 – $45/participant. 


IMPORTANT:  A $35 deposit is required to reserve your party date and time. All additional costs will be due at the conclusion of your event. Please read our party Terms and Conditions before booking. 

In our efforts to make sure every party is a creative success, we prefer that kid’s parties are on a drop off basis. We do offer a parent space rental outside of the party room is the host is uncomfortable with drop off. Parents and siblings are welcome to participate in our regular studio activities. 

All parties are subject to a minimum Party total. For more pricing details, FAQs and Terms and Conditions, please click on the following link and scroll to the bottom of the page. PARTY INFO .

Adult Workshop Information: If you have a group that would like to get together to Hand Build in pottery, this is the workshop for you. We can teach you how to create a particular vessel or art piece with step by step instruction. This can be booked in either a Party Reservation time slot or in the Workshop time slots which are available in the evenings.